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Kidnap for ransom, extortion and detention are ever-evolving risks, changing not only in location but also in the threat posed. Activity can spring up rapidly in emerging kidnap hotspots as criminal organizations with global reach look to exploit any opportunity.

Our team provides the best possible kidnap and ransom protection, backed by an unparalleled level of expertise and the kind of service that makes our clients treat us as close partners. We have broad experience working with international organizations with staff operating across the globe. The needs of each policyholder can be very different and our underwriters work hard to understand all of our clients, writing the policy that’s right for them.


Our kidnap and ransom insurance provides flexible, bespoke protection across the full range of risks; everything from ransom payments to legal costs and personal accident benefits. We can also include a range of extensions specific to employers to reduce legal liabilities and resulting business interruption costs amongst other exposures specific to their needs.

Our policies indemnify against a host of additional expenses that a client may incur during the resolution of an incident. These may include:

  • Fees and expenses of an independent negotiator
  • Fees and expenses of public relations consultants and interpreters
  • Cost of travel and accommodation
  • Costs of medical and/or psychiatric care
  • Interest on authorised loans to meet a ransom
  • Costs of communication, recording equipment and advertising
  • Personal financial loss, where given
  • Fees and expenses of independent forensic analysis
  • Reasonable costs of cosmetic or plastic surgery
  • All other reasonable expenses incurred by the assured or insured persons in negotiating the release of the victim with prior written approval of the underwriters

Response consultants

Should the unfortunate occur, our chosen market-leading security consultants Gardaworld are able to act immediately wherever you are, applying local knowledge and experience to formulate the most effective and safest response to the specific threat faced. The fees of these professionals needed to help solve delicate, painful and potentially very costly situations are covered on an unlimited basis.