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Aspen APJ’s Private Client Cover insures individuals and families against financial loss arising from a kidnap, ransom and/or extortion.

Clients can choose whether to cover only themselves, or their immediate/extended families and friends. Likewise, the length of cover selected can vary from a few days to several years.

Our standard policy covers:

  • Reimbursement of ransom, detention and hijack payments
  • Extortion
  • Loss in transit of a ransom
  • Fees and expenses of specialist consultants to advise on the safe release of the victim for the duration of captivity and without limit of liability
  • Personal Accident
  • Legal Liability

Our policy also covers ‘additional expenses’ incurred during an insured event, which may include:

  • Fees and expenses of an independent negotiator
  • Fees and expenses of public relations consultants and interpreters
  • Cost of travel and accommodation incurred during an insured event
  • Costs of medical and/or psychiatric required during and after an event
  • Legal costs
  • Monetary reward to an informant
  • Interest on authorised loans to meet a ransom payment
  • Costs of communication, recording equipment and advertising
  • Personal financial loss, where given
  • Fees and expenses of independent forensic analysis
  • Reasonable costs of cosmetic or plastic surgery
  • All other reasonable expenses incurred by the assured or insured persons in negotiating the release of the victim with prior written approval of the underwriters

If you would like to find out more about any other aspect of our products, ask your broker to speak to an Aspen APJ underwriter.