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Quotations for Kidnap and Ransom insurance for individuals and families are based on the information outlined in the proposal form.

Risks are considered individually and premiums reflect the location of individuals and their activities.

In order to provide the most accurate coverage and price we request the following information:

  • Location of residences
  • Number of adults and children to be covered
  • Occupation of persons to be insured 
  • Travel patterns 
  • Details of any political involvement 
  • Total value of assets/net worth 
  • Security measures in place 
  • Details of prior incidents or threats
  • Limits of coverage required

We provide quotations promptly once the completed proposal form is received.

A policyholder (and their insurance agent) has a duty to disclose all information which a prudent insurer would wish to consider in deciding whether or not to accept a risk, upon what terms and at what price.

Failure to comply with this duty may give the insurer the right to void the policy from its inception.